Since 1999, La Casa Oaxaqueña has collaborated with the prison of Pochutla. Each Saturday morning, La Casa offers the children of prisoners two hours of play and creative activities.

The children of the prisoners take part in play
and creative activities.

1. Children and the prison world

In 1999, the head warden of Pochutla called upon La Casa for a strange problem : some of the children of the prisoners go every day to the prison with their mother or another relative, to bring food, clean clothes, money or anything else needed. These children experience the prison world, several hours per day and often stay in jail for all the week end. La Casa offerer them every Saturday morning two hours of play and creative activities, but for various reasons, this has been put on hold for the moment.

La Casa and craft work made by prisoners.

2. Products of craft work

In order to help the prisoners sell their handicrafts (bracelets, key-ring, hammocks and others), La Casa had opened, thanks to a gift from the *CNCD, a small store in Ventanilla, an island frequented by tourists. In addition to these artisanal products, the store also sold instructive games created by La Casa, postcards produced in the villages and in the prison, etc. We had to close this little shop in July 2004 because other people opened the same kind of shops in the village.

* CNCD : Centre National de Coopération au Développement

3. Computer courses for the prisoners

Since 2004 we try to give computer courses regularly to the prisoners who are interested. This course is given by the volunteers who have the necessary skills and stay for at least three months.