In 1989, La Casa Oaxaqueña, a programme founded by Isabelle, started its outreach to the children of Puerto Angel, in the state of Oaxaca (Mexico). Today La Casa Oaxaqueña extends its educational activities to 5 villages of the area and in the prison of Pochutla and supports a cooperative.

The school results of children
are very positive

1. La Casa Oaxaqueña

Thanks to Fortunata and Ana-Belen, two young Mexicain women, recruited locally. Fortunata was trained by “Teachers Without Frontiers”. Both have been working since 1993 and 1998 for the association. La Casa Oaxaqueña carries on its educational activities in 5 villages of the area. The school results of the children involved in the programme were better than those children who were not. Although requests for participation in the program continue to increase, unfortunately it is not possible to respond, due to limited human and financial resources of means (wages of the personnel + travel expenses) and time (long distances by bus and partly on foot).

Each day has its
reason to be there.

2. Teaching

In the villages, we work mainly with plays, creative activities (painting, drawing, stories…). The children come running to us when we arrive, to see what we have in our bags, asking what we will make today. Sometimes we tell stories, seated on a large cloth, sometimes we make a large drawing together, we create our own stories, we play with the cards… Each day has its reason to be there, surrounded by their smiles and their shining eyes,
to answer their expectations, to share one moment of our time.

Without this help, a lot of these children would now be engaged
in manual labour at low wages.

3. Results

Among the children, some finished their primary studies successfully, but their parents do not have the means to provide them with higher education. La Casa supports several of these teenagers financially. Some are sponsored entirely by donors. With others, La Casa pays, on a case by case basis, the costs of the uniforms, the books, the basic school material, etc. Without this help, these young people would be now occupied working in hotels or restaurants for a very low wage.

Today, thanks to the godfathers, we can pay the studies of 26 teenagers. 4 are studying at the University of the State of Oaxaca.