Arts and crafts

We sell Mexican crafts in Brussels: woven purses, woven bags, leather belts, scarfs. Also crafts made in prison such as toys, wooden key fobs, animal figures, bracelets and seed necklaces, etc. etc. Do not hesitate and contact us for a price list. All profit goes to the project.


The association published a series of 8 postcards reproducing fragments of the mural created by prisoners. These reproductions are sold for 10 pesos a piece (+ envelope) in Mexico and for 1,5 euros a piece in Belgium.


La Casa Oaxaqueña has created two educative boardgames. Thanks to two Belgian associations “Enfance Tiers Monde” and “Femmes d’Europe”, we have been able to publish these games.

The game of the turtles and the gull

One tries, with the aid of a dice, to take to all the baby turtles to the sea before the gull arrives. The board of the game was drawn by a Mexican artist, and the pieces of the game (gull, turtles and dice) have been produced by the prisoners.

The game about children’s rights

The board of the game is a close up of a garden in which 5 four-leaved cloverleafs represent 5 basic rights of the children (the right to love, to a roof, to education, to food, to health care). Each player has 5 butterflies that he will have to put in the 5 four-leaved cloverleafs before the 8 pieces of a puzzle of a boy playing in a pile of trash are turned around.

Both games come in black and white so that the children can colour them as they like.