You want to come to Mexico? Work with the children? It is possible!

If you are tempted by going to Mexico for severam weeks during the summer holidays, if you know Spanish, do not hesitate to contact us (in French, English or Spanish). You can stay with local people: approximately 350 euros a month (rental, transport and food).

Volunteers have to pay for their transport to Mexico. Someone will welcome them at Mexico airport and provide lodging if necessary. They will then take the bus to the small town of Pochutla (a night on the bus), and they will stay with a family (own room – bed + sheets + mosquito net and cooking facilities). Expenses on site are paid for by the volunteer.

Volunteer commitment

Volunteers agree to work 5 afternoons a week in the different villages, to take part in the weekly meeting of La Casa Oaxaqueña, to prepare their project with the Mexican educational team – it is a team effort. Each volunteer prepares a project before leaving, which will be done jointly with ex-volunteers or with Isabelle Parentani.

Volunteers or also requested to collect materials (colouring materials, painting materials, coloured paper), to take part in the annual sponsored swim in Brussels in October and to sell artefacts and/or postcards from La Casa.