Los Amigos

The non-profit association ” Les Amis de la Palmeraie” was founded in Belgium in 1989.In 2013 it has merged into the ONG Enfance-Tiers-Monde/Kinderen-derde-wereld. Its activity is ensured by Isabelle, Andrée and Jacques Parentani, Virginie Thys,
Dominique Ducobu, Hendrik Galle, Catherine De Keyser, Frédéric Quintin, Nathalie Van Vyve and Bénédicte Viérin.

To find financial support, to collect school material,
to publish a quarterly newsletter…

1. The goals of our work in Belgium are as follows

  • To collect gifts in favour of La Casa.
  • To seek foster parents supporting Mexican students financially.
  • To collect school material in Belgian schools and to send it to Mexico.
  • To find volunteers who are ready to go to Mexico to help La Casa.
  • To publish a quarterly newsletter, ” Buenos Días “, to disseminate information in Belgium concerning the activities of La Casa.
  • The overheads are entirely covered by
    the contributions of our members.

    2. Overheads

    Unlike many charitable associations, which admit having overheads of between 20 and 40 percent, we can guarantee you that your gifts and sponsorships are sent to Mexico in their entirety. Our bookkeeping journals are at the disposal of whoever wishes to review them. And our banking records are available to verify the amount of the contributions sent to our N.G.O. for Mexico. The overhead costs are entirely covered by the contributions of our members and of our readers. In short, you have the assurance that your generosity is well placed.

    We all are volunteers.

    3. The newsletter

    We don’t have salaried personnel (we all are volunteers), or rent (no offices), or telephone charges (these are shouldered by our members), or costs for faxes or e-mail… Our only overhead is the printing costs of “Buenos Días”, postage expenses, and photocopying. These costs represent 500 euros for 2012!